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Wedding Sugar Cookie

Wedding Cookies

Decorated Sugar Cookies for Weddings

Wedding cookies are a delightful addition to any marriage celebration, offering a sweet and personalized touch to the festivities.  These delectable treats come in a variety of flavors and designs, making them perfect for matching the theme and style of your wedding.  Ranta Bakes makes decorated sugar cookies in vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and snickerdoodle flavors, with each bite being a delight for your guests.  What makes our wedding cookies truly special is their ability to be customized for your special day.  We can decorate your cookies with the couple's initials, their wedding date, or even miniature replicas of the wedding cake, adding a charming and memorable detail to the dessert table.  Whether served as favors for guests to take home or as part of a beautifully arranged dessert spread, wedding cookies from Ranta Bakes are sure to leave a lasting impression of sweetness and love on your joyous occasion.

Wedding Sugar Cookie
Wedding Cookie Ideas
Wedding Decorated Sugar Cookie

Struggling to come up with ideas for your wedding cookies?  Here are five popular decorated wedding cookie ideas:

1.  Classic Wedding Cookies

Classic wedding cookie designs can include the couple's names, initials, their wedding date, rings, dresses, and cakes.  The best part is you can pick any colors you want for your wedding cookies.  After all, it's your special day!

2.  Special Themed Wedding Cookies

If your wedding has a fun theme, lean into it!  If your wedding is on the beach, palm trees and sunglasses make great wedding favors.  For a more elegant vibe, roses and champagne glasses might be your preference for a tasty wedding favor.

3.  Bride and Groom Wedding Cookies

Cute cookies for the cute couple!  Get a matching pair of Bride and Groom cookies for your guests to enjoy!  These snacks will be just as sweet as the couple themselves.

 4.  Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Wedding Cookies

Another classic wedding cookie idea, wedding dresses and tuxedos make for classy and fun cookie favors.  These elegant cookies can also be shaped in a heart to express your love for the guests.

 5.  Pets and Passions Wedding Cookies

Share your pets and passions with cookies designed to reflect who you are as a family.  Show off your furry family with decorated cookies, or showcase your passion for sports, arts, and hobbies, with themed wedding cookies.

​No matter the design, Ranta Bakes can create a set of beautifully decorated sugar cookies for your wedding to share with your friends and family.

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